Currently human foods are much more affordable than pet foods as example this almost 12 ounce tv dinner is only 1 49 from target almost 12 ounces of human grade meat vegetables and fruit for 1 49 such as banquet for cats and dogs caramel color dried whey water salisbury steak patty beef pork water dehydrated onion.

Take your basic meat sauce to the next level with the addition of italian sausages to create an incredible italian sausage beef ragu sauce pasta its easy rich and indulgent and youd pay serious money for this at posh italian restaurants watch how easy this is to make in this cooking video.

Top with another sheet of paper and then foil seal edges to form a parcel no need to make it tightly sealed just mostly sealed is fine bake for 15 minutes covered uncover then switch oven to broiler grill grill for 10 minutes to get some tasty caramelisation on the edges and a bit on the surface.