The sauce is a little bit sweet, a little bit tangy, and complements the chicken perfectly. Serve over rice if desired. By Soup Loving Nicole. ... Bone-in chicken breasts marinated in a seasoned sour cream mixture, then breaded and baked. ... Load More Breaded Chicken Breast Recipes. Advertisement. Close this dialog window Share & More. Jun 02, 2021 · Easy on the wallet but still full of flavor, these easy, cheap chicken recipes are about to become regulars on your menu. With a new cheap chicken dinner idea for every day of the month, we promise you won't get bored—but you will save a lot of cash. That's because we did the math and can confirm: Each of these delicious yet cheap chicken dishes falls under $3 per serving. Oct 25, 2021 · chicken feet, soy sauce, fresh ginger, star anise, oyster sauce and 11 more Lao Boneless Chicken Feet Salad (Yum Tien Gai) What To Cook Today red chili, green onions, chicken feet, fish sauce, sugar, cilantro leaves and 3 more The chicken was kind of dry and the sauce didn't taste great. Now I use a big package of bone-in thighs and drumsticks and don't cook them at all (just season them as instructed in the recipe) before pouring the sauce over them. My goodness! This is one recipe I'd highly suggest following as written.