Meatballs are easy and fun to make from scratch this recipe is very simple and uses just a few ingredients to create classic homemade meatballs theyre perfect for all of your favorite recipes including spaghetti and meatballs sandwiches soups and game day snacks.

Buffalo meatballs to make buffalo style meatballs all you need to do is toss your baked meatballs in buffalo sauce try frank rsquo s brand for a party friendly appetizer serve with toothpicks and dip in this keto ranch dressing use grass fed beef for your keto meatballs the main ingredient in these keto meatballs is grass fed ground beef.

Tangy sweet and sour meatballs a fabulous sauce green pepper and pineapple chunks transform premade meatballs into something special serving them over rice makes for a satisfying main dish mdash ruth andrewson leavenworth washington.

These slow cooker cocktail meatballs are made with just three ingredients and are guaranteed to be a hit at your next party this easy recipe comes together so fast and disappears just as quickly looking for more appetizers try this spinach artichoke dip charcuterie board and baked bacon cheese dip at your next get together.

Grandma rsquo s sweet and sour meatballs are baked to perfection while simmering in an amazing sauce made with pineapple chunks and green pepper this family friendly dinner is one you can turn to on busy weeknights super simple super delicious love meatballs we do too make sure to check out these teriyaki meatballs the best turkey meatballs and my hellip.

To spice these kid friendly meatballs up for grown ups katie workman adds hot turkey sausage and crushed red pepper video emeril lagasse on hellip.

Fry the meatballs for 5 minutes add the meatballs to the hot oil and cook on medium high for 2 to 5 minutes stirring frequently until well browned on all sides the meatballs should not be stacked or touching when you add them to the pan if you cannot comfortably fit all of the meatballs into the pan at once prepare them in batches.

Basically you can do anything you like with this my shortcut dont bother to saute the spinach separately just pile the fresh spinach on top of the simmering meatballs cover and let it cook down if it doesnt all fit in at first just wait a moment and add more spinach cooks down fast i forgot to count the meatballs.

Crock pot party meatballs are a go to classic for entertaining with only a few simple ingredients you can be ready for a crowd with perfectly glazed sweet and tangy meatballs and the slow cooker does the hard work keeping them warm as long as the party lasts.

To make the meatballs combine all of the meatball ingredients in a medium bowl and mix thoroughly form into 16 meatballs saute in a large nonstick pan until golden brown and cooked through ndash about 3 ndash 4 minutes per side remove and set aside to serve arrange the meatballs on an ovenproof dish.

Forget the frozen meatballs and whip up a fast and fresh recipe for baked sweet and sour meatballs in 30 minutes or less homemade meatballs make a weekly appearance at our house and are a dinnertime favorite of both of my hellip.

Everyday meatballs generously adapted over the years from ina garten with some helpful tips from luisa weiss yield 22 to 24 small about 1 5 inch or 1 5 tablespoon meatballs 1 pound ground meat i use a mix of beef and pork.

The choices for dipping these kid friendly meatballs are endless but i served mine with sugar free bbq sauce honey mustard and a simple chipotle mayonnaise if your kids are gluten free but have no other restrictions then store bought gluten free condiments are fine otherwise you can make your own pretty easily.

Remove the meatballs casserole from the oven and drain the grease 4 top with the low carb marinara sauce and shredded cheese and put the meatballs casserole back in the oven bake for an additional 5 to 10 minutes until the cheese has fully melted 5 serve the low carb meatballs casserole with a side salad or over zucchini noodles as.

Instant pot french onion meatballs ndash french onion meatballs take minimal effort but taste so good you rsquo ll be surprised at how easy it is to caramelize onions in the instant pot and get that sweetness and richness to come out try these meatballs for an easy weeknight dinner or for an appetizer at a party pin this recipe for later.

Traditional meatballs are made with a mixture of beef pork and veal turkey lean and tender replaces the latter two in these meatballs saving you major calories while simultaneously providing your taste buds with major yum and if anything go heavy on the meatballs and light on the pasta get our recipe for spaghetti and turkey meatballs.

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large pan on medium heat add half of the meatballs to the pan and brown on all sides about 5 to 8 minutes remove the first batch of meatballs to a plate add another tablespoon of oil to the pan and repeat with the remaining half of meatballs once the second meatballs are cooked remove them to the plate as well.

Baked meatballs that are some of the best ever meatballs in the history of all meatballs budget friendly family friendly and easy dishes with some yummy desserts thrown in too thanks for stopping by comments maria says october 5 2016 at 1 03 pm freaking delicious love the unique flavor plus they cook fast and easy.

Origin of meatballs these days meatballs are enjoyed all over the world and come in many different forms but it rsquo s believed that the idea originated from persian meatballs known as kofta our plant based take on meatballs most closely resembles the flavors of italian american meatballs which are made with breadcrumbs and herbs the story of italian hellip.

They are the perfect family friendly meal for any night of the week it is best to make these meatballs small so they hold together these little meatballs make a great appetizer with toothpicks inserted or have them for lunch with good italian bread or dinner over pasta.

Chili meatballs in black bean and tomato sauce this mexican take on meatballs is the perfect rich warming dish to please the whole family mdash the best part is the crispy chorizo sprinkled over the top.

Cooked the meatballs in the oven about 20 minutes before adding to the sauce which had been simmering stovetop for 30 minutes or so and continued simmering for another 30 minutes or so tender and delicious oh and i did omit the cheese i got 16 meatballs 1 and 1 2 ounces each i rsquo m having fun with my new food scale.

Bake meatballs for 20 to 25 minutes or until browned and cooked through while the meatballs are baking combine all the ingredients for the sauce in a small saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat whisking continuously reduce heat and simmer for 8 to 10 minutes the sauce will start to thicken then toss with the meatballs.

Baked spaghetti this cheesy baked spaghetti recipe truly is a life saver it rsquo s so easy to throw together and it makes a great make ahead recipe and freezer food it rsquo s the perfect comfort food to serve with my garlic bread with cheese read on and see how easy it is to make what ingredients you need and how you can easily make it ahead of time and pop it in the oven hellip.

It rsquo s commonly used in gluten free pasta and is a key ingredient in several keto friendly pasta recipes a 1 4 cup 28 gram serving provides 11 grams of total carbs and 1 gram of net carbs it.

These budget friendly meals can be made in under 30 minutes including make ahead recipes that are easy to cook in advance youll find plenty of cheap chicken beef pork and lean seafood dinner.