Your go to list for easy and delicious instant pot frozen chicken recipes with over 50 different frozen chicken recipes including instant pot chicken breast recipes whole chicken chicken thigh and chicken wings it rsquo s no secret that i love my instant pot i have been posting new instant pot frozen chicken recipes here at least a once a month for a couple of years now.

We frequently use chicken thighs in slow cooker recipes calling for boneless chicken breasts or a combination of chicken breasts and thighs here are some of the most popular boneless chicken breast recipes including casserole recipes using chicken breasts baked chicken breasts skillet recipes and more.

The list includes recipes using boneless and bone in chicken breasts choose from chicken casseroles light and easy oven fried chicken basic baked or roasted chicken breasts or quick skillet recipes.

I rsquo m kind of obsessed with this juicy baked chicken breast recipe we eat a lot of chicken in my house so i get the opportunity to test a lot of healthy baked chicken recipes but i keep coming back to this one it rsquo s simple it rsquo s delicious it uses ingredients i always have around and it rsquo s super juicy oh and baking chicken breast at 450 degrees is super quick too.

You can definitely use frozen chicken in recipes depending on the recipe you may or may not need to adjust the amount of cook time if you rsquo re making a soup or chili those often take extra time to come to pressure due to the large volume in the pot so using frozen chicken may just extend that pressurizing time and allow the chicken to defrost.

We first created a list of easy pressure cooker chicken recipes now we rsquo re talking specifically about ninja foodi recipes this buttermilk chicken legs in air fryer recipe is the best if you want something quick you can throw in bagged frozen orange chicken in air fryer and it rsquo s amazing panda express has one of our favorites so we thought we rsquo d figure out how to make ninja foodi.

Youd think that having chicken listed as the first ingredient of your frozen chicken nuggets is a good thing but youd be wrong when your nuggets contain unspecified chicken it likely means your meat isnt a tender full piece chicken breast rather it can come from anywhere on the bird mdash yes anywhere.

I like to make these golden chicken nuggets because they rsquo re so quick and easy my whole family loves them you can also use the seasoning to cook chicken breast halves stack them on rustic bread with mayo lettuce and tomato for delicious sandwiches mdash annette ellyson carolina west virginia.

This chicken fried chicken tastes delicious with fresh or frozen corn check out how to cook frozen corn the right way green beans or peas as well as a side salad but you could add a side of asparagus broccoli our oven roasted vegetables.