Same with the dried figs other dry fruit like apricots cranberries or raisins will work pro tip for safe handling always place the dish holding the brie on top of a sheet pan or baking sheet this will help you easily remove the baked brie from the warm oven and it will also catch any falling toppings nuts or oozing cheese.

Phyllo baked brie with figs and walnuts she wears many hats butter phyllo dough toasted walnuts fig preserves brie jamies baked brie allrecipes melted butter phyllo dough dry vermouth white pepper brie cheese and 2 more sliced almonds brie filo dough guided baked brie with apricot preserves yummly crackers bread apricot.

The best baked brie appetizer recipes on yummly baked brie appetizer baked brie appetizer easy baked brie appetizer brie cheese toasted walnuts orange juice crackers dried cranberries brie cheese honey french baguette figs sea salt 4 ingredient garlic baked brie 15 minute appetizer.

You can enjoy dried figs the rest of the year but they taste better fresh if you know to eat them how to eat figs the best way to enjoy figs is raw with the skin and seeds intact you can also remove the peels and scoop out the seeds hellip.

Place under the broiler until toasted and then flip until toasted on the other side remove from oven and set aside to cool place brie in an oven safe dish a 6 rdquo 15cm lodge skillet works perfectly spread jam on top add rosemary dried figs and pecans place in preheated 375f 190c for 15 minutes place on a.

If you thought almonds were just a simple stir in for salads youve woefully underestimated them were going nuts over these almond recipes with recipes from dips to casseroles to streusel toppings to desserrts pretty much everything is better with almonds you can buy them bagged in slivers and store them in the freezer to keep the fresh so that you hellip.

Top with slices of brie and return to the oven just long enough to soften the cheese but not have it melt about 1 2 minutes top each crostini with a generous dollop of fig preserves and sprinkle them with the chopped toasted almonds serve.

The brie and bacon bites are an appetizer fan favorite along with the prosciutto wrapped brie with figs which fit right in at any winter holiday soiree this recipe for brie stuffed pork chop is savory juicy heaven ndash add in the crunchy walnuts and apples and oozing brie and your pork chop game has just stepped up to the next level.

Add goats cheese ricotta salata mascarpone or brie to make a small open sandwich crumble blue cheese on top of the figs and add sliced almonds or place the seasoned figs on a warm piece of naan bread add camembert bake hellip.

Feel free to change up the dried fruit cherries raisins dates and figs would all work nicely get the recipe baked brie with cranberry pecan hellip.

Mini cheese balls on a pretzel stick make an easy party snack you can make ahead of time whether you rsquo re planning a happy hour with one other couple a formal dinner or a full scale bash this round up of 20 easy finger food appetizers will give you some appetizer ideas when youre deciding what to serve.

Looking for easy new years eve appetizers and hors doeuvres discover 83 of our best recipes including wings dips poppers croquettes salads toasts and more.

Congratulations to autumn trapani winner of decembers around the kitchen table giveaway of books by lucy burdette maya corrigan tina kashian and margaret loudon congratulations to linda ortiz winner of maddie days two christmas books congratulations to kay winner of jane clelands jane austens lost letters congratulations to kiki winner hellip.

From creamy dips to bake brie stuffed mushrooms puff pastry straw and much more here are more than 45 easy thanksgiving appetizers for a delicious holiday.

Spread with camembert cheese top with sliced fresh figs and candied walnuts 26 eggplant yogurt fill mini pita halves with chopped grilled eggplant and diced cucumber add a dollop of greek.

While you could keep it relatively simple and top a wheel of baked brie with honey and pistachios wrapping the brie in puff pastry before baking makes for a more impressive centerpiece this recipe pairs the brie with fig jam and fresh thyme but you may want to also check out our version made with a homemade apple and pear compote.

Persimmon grilled cheese with brie prosciutto these delicious persimmon grilled cheese sandwiches from a girl defloured are filled with rich brie salty prosciutto and sharp grainy mustard together they accentuate the subtle sweetness of crisp fuyu persimmons which come into season in fall.

Add a combination of fresh and dried fruit that pairs well with your meats and cheese fresh fruits like berries grapes apples pears or cantaloupe and dried fruit like figs dates or apricots all work well dips tapenades or spreads dips or tapenades are the musical break on a charcuterie board.

Strong suggests sipping mulled wines with warm cheese dishes such as raclette or melted brie or camembert served with charcuterie steak tips au poivre and all of the accouterments dried tropical fruit mangos apricots figs fresh winter citrus blood or cara cara oranges salted or spiced nuts marcona almonds walnuts pecans sweet.

2 cups nuts of choice raw or roasted almonds pecans walnuts 1 to 2 cups dried fruit of choice dried cranberries figs dates etc 2 to 3 lbs fresh fruit grapes peaches apples blueberries strawberries etc 4 oz dark chocolate crackers bread 1 large hellip.

Romesco is a bright tangy sauce made from roasted red peppers and nuts made thicker and creamier with bread traditional recipes call for almonds but we love this version here made from toasted hazelnuts the hazelnuts grind into an almost velvety texture that offers a wonderful contrast to the chunky tapenade.