This is an interesting take on an egg sandwich. I have fried scrambled eggs like this before to put on a sandwich so the cooking method was familiar to me. I usually just use butter or melted cheese on my toast. The mayo and mustard gave it a bit of an "egg salad" flavor. (I used much less than the 2 T mayo--I just spread a thin layer on each ... Egg Tuck is an Urban Egg Sandwich & Coffee Concept started in Los Angeles. We offer tucked in style, the hottest trending breakfast egg sandwich concept from Korea on a premium brioche bun freshly made in-house everyday. Proudly serving Groundwork Organic Coffee & Drinks in select locations. Jun 16, 2017 · An egg sandwich is a great to start your day. These savory breakfasts offer great nutrients, plus they're fast and easy. We've got recipes that … Where to score freebies and deals on National Sandwich Day National Sandwich Day is November 3. Get free sammies and discounts at Subway, Potbelly, Schlotzsky’s and more.