More flavor ideas salad dressings salad dressings are our secret weapon for flavoring chicken breast try our lemon or greek salad dressings for a chicken marinade dry rubs keep it simple with a pre made taco or fajita seasoning you can even use cajun or everything bagel get all of our homemade dry rub recipes here sauces hoping for oven baked chicken breast that rsquo s a bit moister.

The french have a way with chicken mdash a certain poultry based je ne sais quoi if you will mdash that allows them to turn that often finicky sometimes bland bird into a riot of textures and flavors crispy creamy garlicky mustardy and oh so often with plenty of wine the french versions of chicken dishes are usually fairly simple not too much work and always return the effort three fold.

Dip chicken breasts in bread crumbs to coat both sides shake off excess try italian bread crumbs for an extra burst of flavor editor rsquo s note have extra chicken leftover save it for these fantastic chicken breast recipes step 2 cook the chicken in a dutch oven heat oil over medium heat add chicken in batches cook 2 4 minutes on each.

They are also great to throw over a bed of lettuce with your favorite yummy salad toppers or to serve with these killer oven baked seasoned french fries how to store chicken tenders leftovers aren rsquo t likely when you make these juicy oven baked chicken tenders but if you do have leftovers you can store your leftover chicken tenders in the.