Do you want to skip the eggs and go for lunch try one of our sandwiches on a bagel in a wrap or panini style on fresh flat bread like our grilled veggie panini or our philly cheese bagel sandwich we also serve made in house fresh chicken tuna and egg salads.

Spread on a bagel for breakfast add it to your avocado toast add to bread dough and bake for an amazing olive loaf put together some mini sandwich appetizers with sandwich bread or wraps vegan cream cheese or dairy free eggless mayo olive tapenade roasted red peppers and red onion.

This versatile tea sandwich recipe can be prepared will all kinds of vegetables its immensely popular with kids too choose any combination of bell peppers onions watercress carrots and spinach add more english cucumbers than the other vegetables to give the veggie cream cheese a lighter flavor.

This healthy breakfast sandwich uses whole wheat english muffins for fiber and protein thick slices of fresh mozzarella naturally low in fat and olive and flaxseed oils for heart healthy fats this recipe also calls for sliced tomatoes and fresh basil and they also recommend adding other healthy toppings like avocado and eggs.

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The spruce grilled cheese social this scrumptious italian sandwich is made with fresh mozzarella zesty salami sweet roasted red peppers vibrant basil leaves and rich buttery olive oil layered on a submarine roll this hearty satisfying sandwich is perfect for packing for work or makes a great school lunch.

Smart moms know better than to force feed fruits and vegetables to their children they sneak the healthy stuff right between the toasted bread slices buns or bagels here is momjunction rsquo s list of fruit and veggie sandwich ideas for kids they would love 6 apple cheese and ham sandwich this sandwich has the goodness of fruit dairy and.

Here you rsquo ll find veggie and vegan appetizers side dishes main dishes condiments and desserts that everyone will love whether youre creating a vegetarian christmas feast or you want some tasty meat free options that will even impress non veggie guests this list is for you.

Fresh veggie pockets one summer i worked at a health food store that sold sandwiches we were close to a college campus so i made lots of these fresh filled pitas for the students crunchy with crisp vegetables and nutty sunflower kernels theyre a fast to fix lunch when youre on the go linda reeves cloverdale indiana.

The stuffed pita sandwich once you rsquo ve got your prepared veggies and hummus the rest is a piece of cake just spread the hummus onto split pita rounds and top with fresh lemon zest herbs pan toasted pine nuts and those colorful roasted veggies then pan cook the sandwich till crisp and toasted.

A simple and easy recipe for homemade sourdough sandwich bread made with all purpose flour and just a touch of butter i like to make the dough at night so we can have fresh bread in the morning this loaf freezes well whole or sliced i hellip.