If you're wondering how to make boxed mac and cheese better, you should know that you don't have to stick to the directions on the box "A fun and easy recipe that the kids and guests will love!" says erinrhodes813Oct 07, 2021 Fried Mac and Cheese Balls View Recipe this link opens in a new tab Mac & Cheese macaroni with house-made cheese sauce It's mac and cheese in a fun finger-food format -- and cheesed to the max with Cheddar, Italian cheeses, and pimento cheese spread Credit: SunnyByrd two dolla' add-ons: chili, bacon, or hotdog $ 7 $ 10 fried cheesy potato croquettes, roasted garlic aioli $ 8 Dec 16, 2021 Fried Mac and Cheese Balls - Prep: 40 mins - Cook: 30 mins - Additional: 6 hrs - Total: 6 hrs 70 mins - Servings: 8 - Yield: 24 pieces - Number of ingredients: 16 - fried pork balls, ginger, scallion, sweet chili aioli $ 9 $ 8 Narwhal BallsMay 17, 2021 Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and while we all love a great homemade version (like Ree Drummond's extra creamy macaroni and cheese), it's helpful to keep store-bought brands on hand for super-quick meals