Yes some of the things in my freezer are things i rsquo ve made and tucked away for another day mini banana bread loaves and bolognese sauce and whatnot but a lot of my freezer real estate is devoted to raw ingredients and some prepared foods as well which i use for my mixer in my killer margaritas 4 pack of frozen pizzas for 10 fresh.

The twinkie forsook its original banana cream filling for vanilla when bananas were scarce during world war ii deseeded chopped and frozen accompaniment to a pitcher of margaritas hellip.

The original frozen ranch water is sure to be most popular new adult beverage offered at the state fair of texas this year margaritas are between 700 1 000 calories ndash a frozen ranch water h as only a quarter of those calories and tastes just as great crisp and refreshing it rsquo s the perfect companion for sunny warm days at the state fair.