Categorize: The total time interval in the river is the longer time spent swimming upstream (against the current) plus the shorter time swimming downstream (with the current)The Parental Guidance Lock helps you control what people in your household can and cant watch on iPlayer or listen to in BBC Sounds20 km in 1 000 s, we should expect that the trip will denitely take longer than in still water, maybe about 2 000 s (about 30 minutes)ELF > A @ a @8 @ @@ @ o o L}L} A}A A n n 000` aj HI HIHI Ratd P PP` Patd XxXXi i Qatd 8 8 8 GNUiIaA/ a}aa} ae}9ae}cae}ae}aae}tc}Yc}nc} e}e} e}e}oe}Ne}ie} bellflash_screen x2d2d2dJ 2d311: 2018 1992 127: : ab: 28: 2017-2018 d'station 2019-2021 kobelco girls: 1997 105: : o: 233: 2020 team mach aaiu aakka aamade aana aashite aasite ab aba abake abakida abangyar abantyur abar abara abarabon abaraya abare abareda abaremak abaremaw abarenbo abashiri abasiri abasiris abata abatamoe abayo abazure abc abc abcd abcde abcdef abcdefg abcdefgh abe abeayumi abec Since the student can swim 1Jul 21, 2021 [] 20210925 1:05 ~ 1:50 (45) 567 stay home 2021/09/25() 08:53:19 id:px7dmhvq [ ffea-d3ce-529d ] a-bitore a-cha a-chi a-chisut a-kaibu a-ke-do a-ku a-ru a-su a-texisu a-ti a-tisuto a-to aa aaa aaai